Friday, June 22, 2012

Lattice Pie Cake

This may seem strange, but my son has a particular talent for maths and there are also other funny reasons ( known within the family) why a pie cake was made for his 12th Birthday.  I shaped the cake to more of a pie ,offset it on the cake drum and iced it all over in brown. The lighter colour was cut into wavy strips using a ribbon cutter and arranged across the top, then finished with a long sausage of icing to cover the edges. The pie sign is held on wires pushed into a flower pick. The tablecloth is just lots of red and white squares joined together then smoothed over.  The actual cake is an 8" madeira sponge with two layers of jam and butter cream. I used a red Happy Birthday ribbon around the cake drum. This is a quick and easy cake which could be adapted to other types of pie, but our Joseph is rather partial to mince pies and treacle tarts.

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