Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glee Cake

My daughter is absolutely mad about Glee and asked me to make her a Glee birthday cake. She actually helped to design her cake but left me to work out how to do it. To create the stage at the back I sliced the cake into three layers, then halved the top layer and put the halves on top of each other to make the back section of cake x4 layers tall, the front section just two layers. As in the series, we added gold stars as the character Rachel always puts a gold star after her name. The five main girls in the show are dressed like the WMHS cheerios, each holding a letter to spell my daughter's name. She even stressed which order to seat them and how they should have their hair done. Emily helped to brush colour over the floorboards of the stage and add the red curtain around the back. There was a lot of modelling on the characters but it was fun to see it all come together.


Chantell said...

Wow! This is so impressive! Absolutely love it, and I fully understand the amount of work involved too! Perfection :o)

Jean said...

How amazing you are Janice! Lucky Emily to be able to design her cake so fabulously! Congratulations To the birthday girl & to her Mum.