Sunday, February 27, 2011

40th Birthday Cake

This is a 9" square cake with jam and butter cream. I was asked to use a lilac and white colour scheme and to add a lilac ribbon around the cake itself. I used a photograph that was emailed to me to help with modelling the lady's family sitting on the front edge of the cake. I wanted to include the number 40 somewhere so I made the numbers from Mexican Paste covered with disco white hologram and left them to harden. When I was putting the children onto the cake I placed the numbers on their laps to look as if they were holding them up. I piped a shell trail around the base of the cake and added flowers using shades of lilac to finish the design.

First Birthday cake

This is a number one cake for a girl's first birthday. I used a Wilton tin which has a nice shape and makes quite a large cake. This cake was chocolate with chocolate butter cream in the middle. I was asked to do a pink and white colour scheme and to include pink hearts and a pink rabbit. As you can see I crimped around the edge of the board and make an icing rope in pink to go between the cake and board. The idea for the rabbit came from a Maisie Parish book where it showed how to make brown rabbits to go on an Easter cake but I made mine in just pink and white and added a small pick containing hearts on wires dusted with Raspberry shimmer, disco white hologram and snowflake lustre, at the side of it to complement the hearts around the cake and board.

Cow Cake

It was nice to be asked to make this cake because it was good fun. I looked at some ideas on google images and we decided to go for this design. This is a 9" sponge with just butter cream because the birthday girl didn't like jam. I used a new nailbrush to create the texture on the green icing before adding a few icing blossom flowers. I modelled the cow's head from white and pink icing, using a ball tool to create the nostrils and to make indents for the eyes. I modelled the udders by hand from a ball of pink icing then rolled the edges thinner using a cel stick. Finally I used a circle cutter to complete the udders and stuck in onto the front edge of the cake using sugar glue. All the legs were quite simple to make, leaving the belly plain for the message. I needed short lengths of raw spaghetti to help attach the ears and supported them with sponge until they had hardened. All the black markings were just roughly shaped by hand then I chose a spotty back and white ribbon which was the finishing touch.