Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Funny face cupcakes

I wanted to spend some creative time with my daughter,who loves baking too. We were inspired by a page in the "Planet Cake" book by Paris Cutler. It was very simple to cover each cupcake with butter cream and a circle of flesh coloured paste. Boys got ears and girls got hair accessories. Emily was keen for each one to have a different look and expression, although she did get rather carried away with the freckles which she painted on with a brush and one of those bobble hats looks like it has a pokemon ball on the top.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Silver Wedding Anniversary cake and cupcakes

I was asked to make this silver wedding anniversary cake for a family friend. She had browsed the web and emailed me a couple of designs they liked so we agreed on this design. The original design had roses and crocus flowers but as it is August I made carnations instead of the Spring crocus. The corner flower arrangements consist of looped ribbons, clear hearts on silver wires, roses, rose leaves and carnations. Each side of the cake has four icing drapes joined with silver hearts and four piped dots coming down from each heart. I made the plaque separately and piped the message on in lilac Royal Icing then later attached it to the cake with a little softened sugar paste.
To decorate the cupcakes I rolled out lilac icing then rolled a scroll pattern onto it. I cut circles from this for each cupcake then dusted it with snowflake lustre powder to show up the pattern more. I added two pink hearts and two silver hearts on top in a four- leaf clover pattern .