Friday, July 29, 2011

21st Birthday Cake

This is a 10" sponge cake with jam and butter cream fillings. I was asked to model Sophie on the cake but her Mum also requested ribbon, flowers, a sparkly 21 sign and certain items around the cake. The birthday girl is also a mother and drives, so I included a set of car keys with a "best Mum" keyring attached. The chosen colour scheme was peaches and cream although I had to model some items in contrasting colours otherwise they wouldn't stand out. The board itself is iced in soft peach then rolled over with a silk pin to add texture. I had a photograph of Sophie to follow so I hope she can see some resemblance and finds it flattering. The champagne bottle candle was a finishing touch to the final cake, which they can light at the celebration party.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

50th Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my eldest brother's 50th . It was hard to think of what to put on it because he has quite a few hobbies so in the end I decided to make a hexagonal cake and show his life from birth through each decade until the present day. You cannot see one of the sides from these two images but one side shows him in a love heart with his wife Jackie. It ends with him singing as he is a member of his local male voice choir. At first I modelled all the heads, some of them only thin as they were to be attached to the sides with royal icing. The most time consuming was all the modelling. I used a circle of greaseproof paper positioned on the top as a guide when I was putting the lettering around the top. The stars and 50 are made from Mexican paste and allowed to harden on the wires before inserting them into the flower pick. I didn't want to model anything too delicate as we were driving to East Midlands with it and needed it to arrive intact. We had a firework candle at the party, but were asked to light it outside, (fire and safety regulationsand and all that!) I didn't get to eat a piece as we had a long drive back, but my brother and his family assured me it tasted delicious.