Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding cake and cupcakes

A lady asked me to make their wedding cake. They wanted a chocolate cake at the top and 40 cupcakes for the wedding guests. I was given a sample napkin so that I could match in the colours with the tableware. Turquoise, ivory and brown for the chocolate theme. I bought a mirror plate and smaller sized glass plates and bowls to make my own stand. Each bowl contains some blue gel balls and silk ivory roses and pearls on wires to complement the design. I made roses in ivory and dusted them with 'pearlised toffee 'powder,ivory gold edged ribbon loops,pearls on wires and blue fantasy flowers with pearl cotton stamens. To add extra blue I used blue beads and threaded them onto wires which I shaped to add to the top. More blue was used as I made the scroll patterns to create a border around the side.
The cupcakes were also chocolate with chocolate buttercream swirls. I modeled 40 sugar paste flowers in blue and ivory with 'ivory disco hologram' sparkles brushed on the centres. I placed a single flower on the top of each cupcake.
The finished cake worked well with all the colours on the table and I'm sure any chocoholic was in heaven because the smell of chocolate was delicious.
Congratulations to Steve and Clare on your marriage on Saturday 25th July 2009. All our best wishes for your future together.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

21st birthday cake

I was asked to make this cake and model the girl wearing a dress that she is fond of. They wanted stars and the number 21 on wires too. I used pink and lilac sugar paste as they had also ordered balloons in those particular colours for the night. I got a firework candle to go on the cake but left it for them to decide where to place it. On top of the cake I modeled some 'ghd' straighteners, make-up bag,mobile phone,ipod,brush,towel and bottle of wine. Kayleigh is sitting, nails painted, with her handbag by her side, ready for an evening out. As the dress is a halter neck style, I had to make her in three separate pieces, torso and legs, shoulders and arms, then finally the head.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christening cake

hThis is a 12" sponge cake for a little girl's christening. I embossed the board with Patchwork Cutters Nursery Lion set then dusted it with snowflake lustre powder. I made six frills to go on the sides and added bows at each join. The top edge of the frills and the join between the cake and board are piped with a shell pattern using softened sugar paste. I used a Jem mould to make the sleeping baby ,dusted her cheeks,painted her eyelashes and eyebrows then added sugar paste hair in strands . Her dress took a while,adding layers then giving the top of her dress a silk texture and brushing over it with white satin powder. To finish it off I made some thin ties and a bow for the back. Babies always look so sweet, especially when they're asleep!