Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christening cake

hThis is a 12" sponge cake for a little girl's christening. I embossed the board with Patchwork Cutters Nursery Lion set then dusted it with snowflake lustre powder. I made six frills to go on the sides and added bows at each join. The top edge of the frills and the join between the cake and board are piped with a shell pattern using softened sugar paste. I used a Jem mould to make the sleeping baby ,dusted her cheeks,painted her eyelashes and eyebrows then added sugar paste hair in strands . Her dress took a while,adding layers then giving the top of her dress a silk texture and brushing over it with white satin powder. To finish it off I made some thin ties and a bow for the back. Babies always look so sweet, especially when they're asleep!

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Childrens Birthday Cakes Brisbane said...

Nice one.. Thanks for this idea. I want to create one for my loving daughter.