Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pig themed cake

Joseph is mad about pigs and wanted a pig cake. I made two cakes, a round and a smaller square cake, then made them into the number nine. The cut out circle in the number is only half the depth of the cake and I used melted chocolate to create the mud bath and splashes. As you can see they are sunbathing and relaxing while their 'piglets' play and snack below. I modeled some doughnuts for 'mum and dad'. I made the pig pen from Mexican paste shaped and dried to look like corrugated metal.
The cake is entirely edible. We had leftover coloured icing so I baked some cupcakes and made some pig faces to top them, with some help from Joseph and his sister Emily. They were very simple and quick to make. The board is covered with yellow icing then I marked lines randomly all over it to look like straw then later brushed over it with darker yellow food colour. The apples and sunglasses are painted over with confectioner's glaze to make them shiny. I think mother pig should reapply her suncream because she is starting to burn. As Joseph is always saying "PIGS RULE!"

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