Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diamond Wedding Cake

This is an 8" sponge cake I made for my sister-in-law, who wanted it as a surprise present for her parents, to help celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. I bought the sparkly '60' on a wire and the 'diamond' effect trim to match it. She wanted to include two walking sticks on the cake so I tried to position them to look like a realistic pose, but also forming the shape of a heart between the couple. They are made in mexican paste so they harden. They may be a little large but I needed them to be tough enough not to break when I was attaching them to the figures.The letters are dusted in snowflake lustre powder ,as are the hearts on wires arranged around the number in the posy pick. The lady's glasses are made from a white paper coated wire. The diamond trim, which is stuck onto the ribbon with Royal Icing, is very sparkly, as you can see by the reflections it is creating around the cake board when we used a flash on the camera. I hope they enjoy their special day and that this cake brings a smile ,along with the many other surprises in store. It is quite something to reach such a milestone!