Sunday, July 19, 2009

21st birthday cake

I was asked to make this cake and model the girl wearing a dress that she is fond of. They wanted stars and the number 21 on wires too. I used pink and lilac sugar paste as they had also ordered balloons in those particular colours for the night. I got a firework candle to go on the cake but left it for them to decide where to place it. On top of the cake I modeled some 'ghd' straighteners, make-up bag,mobile phone,ipod,brush,towel and bottle of wine. Kayleigh is sitting, nails painted, with her handbag by her side, ready for an evening out. As the dress is a halter neck style, I had to make her in three separate pieces, torso and legs, shoulders and arms, then finally the head.


JudeCreations said...

lovely cakes, specially the santa cake.

Moira said...
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21st Birthday Cakes Gold Coast said...

I love cakes... This would be best gift for my sister.