Sunday, October 14, 2012

Golfer's cupcakes

I was asked to make cupcakes for a man's 70th birthday and to present it on a stand.  The only guidelines  were that the cupcakes were to be chocolate flavoured and that the gentleman played golf in his spare time. The cupcake cases were brown with polka dots which would link in with the white golf balls. I used play sand, real golf balls and a green hanging basket liner to fill the stand. The flag is a clear cake support decorated to look like a golf pole.  The chocolate cupcakes are covered with swirled chocolate butter cream, uncannily the same colour as the sand in the bunker! To link in with the red of the flag I modeled red Tees from sugar paste as well as white golf balls,using a ball tool to indent the pattern on them. Each alternate cupcake has a gold 70 on it made from Mexican paste dusted with bright gold edible powder. I hope the party went well and they got cupcakes and a new set of golf balls to replace those that inevitably get lost!

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