Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Cake

I made a lot of the pieces for this cake at cake decorating class. It is from a design by Maisie Parrish. I didn't want a fruit cake so I only made the cake itself three days before Easter.The basket is made with 9 short lengths of raw spaghetti pushed into a disc if icing then long strings of icing woven between them. I filled mine with mini eggs for the children to share. The daffodils on the top were also made in class and I used a flower pick to add them to my cake. It is my sister-in-law's birthday on Easter Day this year so I put her name on it as the family will be all together on Sunday. All the chicks,mother and foliage is made from modelling paste, half sugarpaste,half flower paste so that it holds its shape better. The small daffodils took a while to make but were very effective on the sides.

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