Friday, April 3, 2009

Sea Cadet cake

This is the cake I made for my son's 11th birthday. He attends Sea cadets twice a week so I wanted to do a nautical theme. I piped a 'runout' of their emblem which says Blackcap, the name of their unit. The board is iced with chocolate flavoured icing and embossed to look like the deck. I made the figure in uniform saluting with neatly pressed trousers and used confectioner's glaze to give him very shiny boots, as Owen is forever polishing his boots.To finish it off,although not clear from the photo angle, I modelled from icing some rope,a quayside bollard,a seagull,and the obligatory mop and bucket to keep things shipshape. A sign on the 'stern' points up with an arrow and reads 'this way to the poop deck'.The cake itself is chocolate flavoured.

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