Sunday, August 15, 2010

60th Birthday Cake

This is a cake that is a variation of another cake I had done. The lady wanted it for her husband but requested a Manchester United F.C. shirt instead of a Liverpool and on a laptop instead of with a football. She also specified which drink cans to model. I made the laptop with flower paste mixed with modelling paste to give it more strength and dried it over a folded piece of card to get the right angle. It was fun making the cans and other objects around him. I hope I didn't make too many cans of drink as he may think it gives the wrong impression of him to his friends! The smaller stars around the sign are coated in disco white hologram powder which will give it some sparkle under lighting at the evening celebration. As the top is all on a cake card it can be removed and saved as a keepsake. The icing rope covers the edge between the top card and the cake itself. If you want to see the original cake design look up 21st cakes in the side bar.


Lyndsey said...

Hi, I would love a version of this for my husband's 40th. However, I can't find out any contact details from your blog! Please let me know if you still make cakes - email if you do. Thanks!

Jandoe said...

Lyndsey , not unless you live on the Wirral, I'm afraid. Sending cakes further afield is just too expensive.