Saturday, July 24, 2010

Graduation Cake

This is a 9" square sponge cake a lady asked me to make for her husband who, as a mature student, had just graduated from John Moore's University to become a social worker. The main colours were based on the navy cap and gown with grey sash that he wore at the graduation ceremony. He also wore a pale blue shirt so I restricted my colours to grey, navy and pale blue. I used a black edible food pen to write suitable titles onto the books I modelled to place under his feet and on the cake itself. I piped around the base of the cake and attached a navy blue ribbon with softened sugar paste. I piped the message onto a white scroll of icing using Royal Icing coloured navy, then attached it to the top with boiled water. Around the board I made a tiled pattern to contrast with the smooth finish on the cake. The sparkly stars are just a finishing touch to a celebration cake for a great achievement.

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