Friday, May 22, 2009

Xbox Guitar Hero cake

I was asked to make a cake to celebrate a 21st birthday. It was a choice between the cake as the numbers 21 or an xbox rock band theme. We chose the latter because I thought it would be more fun to personalize.
The logo in the middle is from a band he likes and I had to work out the best way to do this. Eventually
I made a stencil and coloured royal icing to use over it. I added the sparkly number 21 after it had set.
The guitar was made using a patchwork cutter of an electric guitar then adding the coloured buttons to the neck of the guitar,the trickiest part was trying to colour it. To decorate the sides I wanted to match in the orange and made circles on the corners like buttons on the xbox guitar. I cut musical notes from Mexican paste in between.
James is modelled sitting on a box playing on the xbox drum kit. It was difficult to know exactly what it looks like because I don't own one and the pictures on the box in the 'Game' store are not detailed enough, however a bloke in the shop at the time tried to fill in the blanks for me.

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Anonymous said...

what a fantastic cake i was so pleased with the result and so was james everybody that we gave it to said how lovely and moist it was and they enjoyed it so its a big thumbs up from me so i know now who will be making cakes for me in the not too distant future.Thanks again jan