Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pony and rosette cake

This is an 8" sponge cake I made for a girl who was having a riding party. Her mum had ordered some pink and purple rosettes for the party so I wanted to include a rosette on the cake with the number on. I modelled the pony in sugar paste and also a wooden style fence around the sides. I made the horse shoes in grey sugar paste by cutting out circles then smaller circles within them, marking the nail holes with a piece of spaghetti, then dusting them with silver edible powder. The rosette was simply made from different sized circles, with the edges frilled using a cocktail stick then arranged one on top of the other. To finish it off I added some apples, grass and blossom flowers. You could alter the colours of the pony as you liked. If I did another pony I might make the tail,fringe and mane in black instead. I brushed over the eyes with confectioner's glaze to add a little shine.


Fiona Macneil said...

Fabulous cake, thanks for sharing.
I would love to make this cake for my daughter, but have no idea on how to make the sugarpaste horse. Could you possibly supply instructions for that, or point me to a book that would show me how.
Many thanks

Janice said...

I used instructions for the pony from a Maisie Parrish book called "Fun and original Character Cakes".It costs £14.99 but you may find a copy cheaper on Amazon.