Saturday, November 1, 2008

Peppa pig cake

I made this Peppa pig cake for my niece. She is mad about Peppa pig.
The characters Peppa and George are modeled on a 5inch thin card so that they can be kept,and easily removed when the cake is eaten. I originally was going to ice the cake in pink but changed my mind after I'd made the yellow balloon with her age on. The present was a necessity so that I had a support for the balloon on a wire.I think it worked out better and linked in with the centre piece. The pink ribbon goes with the characters themselves. Peppa pig's mouth is more of a bright pink colour, but I did not have that colour at the time. That will be another colour I need to invest in. I made all the daisies in advance and am pleased with the overall bright and colourful finished cake. The teddies and birds on the board are impressions made using some Patchwork cutters from the Make a Cradle set.

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